Product Expert with +8 years experience

I enjoy moving fast, launching when 75% done and making adjustments on the fly. I identify issues quickly and bring solutions just as fast. I love working on real challenges that bring real solutions to people and a staunch advocate of product, agile and user experience. I have an insatiable curiosity and I am always looking for ways to step out of my comfort zone and take extra mile.

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What is required for a product to succeed over a long period of time?2 min guide

At the heart of any successful product lies a thorough analysis and some luck...

When to use data vs intuition1 min read

As a Product Manager, you are trained to analyse and use data at all times. But, sometimes, it might be better to use your intuition or gut instinct instead...

Featured works

Since 2016, I have been founded startups and helping businesses increase their product management.

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  • Followyield

    Make better financial decisions. Easily create, update and share financial plans to keep your business on track.

    Main Role: Side Project, Founder

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  • 0xpay

    Discover the best crypto resources in the internet.

    Main Role: Side Project, Founder

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  • Noute

    Approve marketing & design collateral 2x faster.

    Main Role: Side Project, Founder

  • BlockBee
  • BlockBee

    Cryptocurrency solutions to grow your business

    Main Role: Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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  • KuantoKusta

    You know, the uncomplicated friend who guides you to make informed purchases, who compares prices on the spot and who is transparent with you? In all moments? KuantoKusta? *I tell you know!

    Main Role: Product Consultant

  • 312313
  • Prouducte

    Convert product financial data into & AI survive and growth glimpse guide.

    Main Role: Side Project, Founder

  • CryptAPI
  • CryptAPI

    Accept payments in cryptocurrencies with a leading crypto payment gateway with secure solutions for everyone.

    Main Role: Product Consultant

  • ActivBookings
  • ActivBookings

    Tours, Experiences and Private Transport in one single API connection.

    Main Role: Product Manager
    Achivements: 600k+ funding, €2.3M transactions, 50k+ tours and experiences around the world.

  • Bephex
  • Bephex

    Patient-Focused, the Digital Pharmacist from Bephex helps the patient to follow their medication plan, improving medication adherence, monitoring aspects of the pathology and enabling pharmacists and doctors to take care of their patients.

    Main Role: Co-Founder & Head of Product

    Achievements: €100k pre-seed investment.

What people talk about me

"Joaquim is a motivated, fast paced, outcome focus Product leader and Entrepreneur, who thinks out-of-the-box and leads his product teams in building products that addresses real users pains. I had the opportunity to mentor Joaquim and was amazed by the excellent work that he´s been doing as the Head of Product at Dengun and how he´s applying Product Management frameworks to discover, validate, build and scale digital products with his teams across different industries from Tourism to Health."
Paulo Gaudencio, Product Lead at Cofidis
"Joaquim is a rockstar, I met him in 2005 at a university event where he was pitching a startup idea. Immediately I knew that he had the discipline, core values and foundations to be a successful entrepreneur. Its super easy work with Joaquim and he is someone you can trust!"
"I had the opportunity to work with Joaquim during the early stages of Bephex. He is an amazing entrepreneur who listens to feedback but also has the critical thinking to filter and judge how to incorporate it in his project. Extremely hands-on, he has always presented a fast execution of the roadmap and suggestions. He also has great commercial skills that, combined with his soft and relational skills, allow him to build and motivate a team around the project and fundraise and share his dream with others."
Diogo Patão, Program Director at Demium
"Joaquim is an astonishing entrepreneur and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Joaquim thinks out-of-the-box in building products that addresses real user pains. Strong bias for upending stodgy old industries."
Luis Branca, Early Stage Investor
Runs on Unicorn Platform